I have been building instruments since 1991. It all started with a course taught by maestro Michael Dunn who learned his craft in Spain under maestros Jose Orti and Jose Ferrer. This was an amazing experience. I learned to build guitars using hand tools and still use these skills today.


From 1996 to 2006, I worked with Paul Iverson on instrument repairs. I explored thousands of beautiful instruments and have seen all kinds of old guitars. I studied how they were built and braced and learned what structurally works well. Many people are on that search for the instrument of their dreams; my goal is to help people realize those dreams.


At this time, I’m focusing mainly on instrument repairs, but I will take on the odd custom, high-end build. This approach is very rewarding and allows a complete focus on quality and attention to the specific details people request on their customs.

Each piece of wood I use is carefully chosen and treated with respect to get the best possible sound.

The best thing about my job is being able to talk to people

and work together to bring their dream guitar to life. ~ Oli