Absence makes the fingers fonder – or more blistered!

An owner of a Specht custom recently wrote in about he and his guitar getting re-acquainted; and how well the instrument worked after such a spell of not being played.

Dude, here is the divine instrument in my kitchen. . . .  The guitar is wonderful now that it is in tune. My fingers have blisters as I have not played for three years! It is sounding so good. ~ Angus


The truth is: guitars like this just sound better and better as they age!


Restoring an old Rex Parlor

Recently, I was approached to restore an old Rex Parlor guitar. The customer knew it needed some work and had a rough idea of what he wanted.

“It’ll need tuners, a new bridge, the neck to be set, and some crack repairs. The neck is pretty straight and the frets are good…would you even consider the job? I know that these small body guitars, when badly abused, can be a pain to bring back.”


Fixing a Warwick Bass

This came in with a broken truss rod. The pics show the steps to repair and reset this bass.