Through the many positive reviews and kind words below, it is clear that Specht has an integrity and dedication to his work – thanks to all for sharing your experiences with Specht Guitars!

From Jim Soloway

I lived in Nanaimo for two years and Oliver did all of my guitar work for me while I was there.  He’s a really solid guitar tech with a great touch for slick setups.  He also did a couple of repairs for me and he was fast, practical, and reasonably priced.  He’s also just a basically decent guy (always a plus).  Highly recommended for anyone looking for a solid guitar tech.



From Marian van der Zon

I have used Oliver Specht’s services on numerous occasions and he has consistently done excellent work, in a timely manner. He is knowledgeable and helpful. And, he is a pleasure to deal with. I will continue to regularly use his services.
~ Musician, Songwriter, Professor of Media Studies & Women’s Studies, VIU
Multimedia Performance: Meridian

From Shelly Brown

Wow! My guitar has never sounded better. You work fast and you are so professional. You really know how to treat someone’s prized possession. And a big bonus: You’re also friendly and personable. I will highly recommend you and your work to all my musician friends.


From Fred Wortley

Oliver was recommended to me from a professional musician at a local music store. I discovered a split on the side of my new Larivee acoustic guitar. Oliver fixed it so you couldn’t even tell it had been damaged and put some additional bracing in as well. Since then, he’s set up my electric guitars, and done some fret work, where needed. With his attention to detail and quality work, I completely trust him to take care of any guitar needs I have. As I’m a working musician, he also made sure I had my instruments back very quickly. And on top of all that, he’s just an outright real NICE GUY! His rates are very reasonable as well! Fred Wortley (Flashback Freddy)

Great Guitar Tech in Nanaimo

Hi Oliver, once again you exceeded my expectations. In the spring I brought you my early 70’s guild acoustic. It was getting unplayable, some bridge deflection, as well as the dreaded 12th fret hump. Bridge shave, a new saddle and some tweaking got it up and running again at a very good price and a fast return! In June I bought a Simon& Patrick Woodland folk pro from long & mcquade. At first it was quite good and had great potential for fingerstyle. Then it started going wrong and more wrong! Took it in to show Scott, he said he’d send it over to you. Got it back today. Perfect. Set up for my needs. Plays like butter! Cheers, Brian

From Kevin Haughton

Oliver Specht in Nanaimo has done impeccable work for many pro touring players I know. The man is the authority, in my opinion.

(Drummer for Wil)

From Wil

My name is Wil, singer songwriter and guitarist. The day I had met Oliver at his home, i was taken aback right away by his sincere kindness which is something i value in people in my life especially being a touring musician making records, meeting new people you need to work with is a constant and after 20 years of performing, i simply have no time for shitty people. So I had immediately wanted to leave my guitars with him simply based on that, kind of did not care if he understood what i needed or not to be honest, but turns out he did after one visit. Oliver is a “details” man, annylitical, asks questions and seems to not want to cut any corners so if you are looking for a quick, cheap, bang it out, next guitar please kind of gent, Oliver is the WRONG man,  Oliver is a Luthier, he cares for the wood, he looks to match the set up to the player thus digs and gets info from you like Jason Bourn! hell, he built a baritone acoustic from scratch which i had the pleasure of playing…….and then wanting.
All of this said, i also get the sense that no guitar is more precious than another to him by way of how he treats it, no hierarchy so to speak really, if you love your instrument, he will as well, that simple.
Photo above by Christopher Edmonstone

From Samantha Parton

of The Be Good Tanyas:

that is one of the most beautiful instruments i have ever seen…i will be so so proud and honored to play her!! I really am honored – we will make some great music with her…thank you thank you thank you
talk soon

Samantha also sent us photos of her friends playing her Specht Guitar:

Ketch Secor from Old Crow Medicine Show also played fiddle on Gillian Welch’s album.