Absence makes the fingers fonder – or more blistered!

An owner of a Specht custom recently wrote in about he and his guitar getting re-acquainted; and how well the instrument worked after such a spell of not being played.

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Guitar Neck Repair

An unfixable broken guitar neck? Not always . . .

Click on an image to zoom in.

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Warmoth Strat

Here are the parts a customer gave me to put together a “Warmoth” Strat for him. There’s a lot of details in a job like this and It’s never as simple as people may think. All Warmoth maple necks Read more

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Fret Dressing – Before + After

Here’s a couple close up shots, ┬ábefore and after fret dressing work. Note the grooves worn into the frets in the first shot. These get worked until silky smooth for ultimate string contact.


Deep grooves in the Read more
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Restoring an old Rex Parlor

Recently, I was approached to restore an old Rex Parlor guitar. The customer knew it needed some work and had a rough idea of what he wanted.

“It’ll need tuners, a new bridge, the neck to be set, and Read more

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Fixing a Warwick Bass

This came in with a broken truss rod. The pics show the steps to repair and reset this bass.

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Back to Life After a Party

Here are a few shots of a Taylor that had a bad night at someone’s party. It was quite a journey to bring this guitar back!

Before . . .

After . . .

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Wolfdog Baritone

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