Oliver builds many different styles of custom guitars including acoustic and electric versions of each. His baritone guitars are exquisitely rich sounding and have a surprising playability given that they are typically a larger scale than a regular size acoustic. One of his past commissions for a baritone was made for and used on an album by Sarah McLachlan. The sound of this guitar was a full, warm low end, with a sparkling top and great sustain. It’s a dark, creamy tone that plays in a room as well as it records to tape.

Other interesting instruments in the Specht catalog include the Parlor guitars, Flamencos, Nylon Jazz series, Terz guitars, and highly specified custom classical and large-bodied steel string guitars. There’s a unique flavor in each of these specimens, not only in their place in the guitar family, but in the execution of the build. From the choice of woods, finish and curves, to the fantastic joinery; a custom Specht will dazzle and inspire for many years. Check out the guitar pages and then read the kind words on the Reviews page. Thanks for visiting Specht Guitars!

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