Here's what the players are saying about Specht's work . . .

"I brought my 1942 SS Stewart to Oliver for a set up, as it was likely not done at the factory; even had the original strings on it. Also he installed new tuning buttons. The guitar I picked up probably never sounded as good as it does now. There was no BS, just 'this is what I can do.' The service was excellent and quick. If you're looking for a luthier, you need look no further. Thanks for the help and I will bring all my future repairs your way."  ~ Christopher Robin Dubinsky

Nanaimo’s musical scene is so fortunate to have stringed-instrument repair person extraordinaire Oliver Specht in its midst. I needed an emergency repair to my hand-built resonator guitar just as I was leaving on tour. Oliver came right to the rescue, fixing the monster cracks in the back and side in record time and for a most reasonable fee. As a bonus, he trouble-shot my electronics and wound up installing a new pickup on the resonator. My guitar sounds great now and survived the tour in fine fashion. Oliver is honest, reliable and efficient – and a heck of a nice guy. I highly recommend him and his shop for all your instrument repairs and rebuilds.The guitar’s doing great, by the way!
Thanks, David

David Essig

I lived in Nanaimo for two years and Oliver did all of my guitar work for me while I was there.  He’s a really solid guitar tech with a great touch for slick setups.  He also did a couple of repairs for me and he was fast, practical, and reasonably priced.  Beyond his repair and luthier skills, he's just a basically decent guy (always a plus).  Highly recommended for anyone looking for a solid guitar tech.

Jim Soloway

Hey Vancouver Island musicians (north of the Malahat of course) I highly recommend Oliver Specht for all your instrument ailments and enhancements.

Shelley Brown of Sweet Potato Brown

My name is Wil, singer songwriter and guitarist.  Oliver is a “details” man, analytical, asks questions and seems to not want to cut any corners. So if you are looking for a quick, cheap, bang it out, next guitar please kind of gent, Oliver is the WRONG man,  Oliver is a luthier, he cares for the wood, he looks to match the set up to the player thus digs and gets info from you like Jason Bourn! Hell, he built a baritone acoustic from scratch which i had the pleasure of playing, and then wanting.

All of this said, i also get the sense that no guitar is more precious than another to him by way of how he treats it, no hierarchy so to speak really, if you love your instrument, he will as well, that simple.

Wil of I Break Strings
Photo above by Christopher Edmonstone
I was very pleased to have been referred to Oliver Specht when I needed some work done on my Spanish made Manual Rodriguez Classical Guitar.  He repaired the previously altered bridge so that it looked like new and lowered the strings so that it is much easier to play.  He also refinished the worn frets.  The guitar plays wonderfully now, thanks to Oliver's meticulous detailed work.  Thanks Oliver for the beautiful work on a beautiful guitar.  Love playing my guitar again. Karen Schwalm

I’ve had the pleasure and fortune to find Oliver when I was in desperate need of a guitar craftsman to breathe new life into a couple of my treasured instruments.
Not only did he make them better than new, Oliver did the deed in a timely fashion and an extremely reasonable cost.
While at Oliver’s I was able to test drive a couple of guitars from his line of personally crafted works of art.
The baritone guitar had tone to die for and played like a dream…it’s now on my “most wanted” list.
Thanks for being you Oliver.
I’d recommend you anytime, anywhere, anyhow!
Dan Schmuland of Guitarra Music

Oliver, thank you for the tremendous job on my Sigma steel string. The pick-up installation and refretting are superb. It has rejuvenated my playing. Thank you also for the quick turn-around time. cheers, Andy.
UPDATE: May 1, 2007:
Oliver – the Terz Guitar you’ve built for me is a dream. How do I come up with the adjectives that convey how happy I am with it? It is so playable! Made with such care, such heart, such soul, such style. It is so unique and I’m amazed at how you knew what I needed. I highly recommend you to anyone, and anyone can contact me to discuss:

Andy Warren

This is the second bass I’ve bought from Oliver Specht; the first being a beautiful acoustic number that I have very much enjoyed.I’ve played bass for over twenty-five years. Lately, I had been experiencing severe neck and shoulder pain, as well as tendonitis in my wrist and fingers. I asked Oliver to build me a lighter, ergonomically-designed bass guitar to help alleviate some of the pain I felt while playing.He designed a gorgeous, light, well-balanced bass that is easy to play and easy on the body. Best of all, this guitar sounds better than I could ever have imagined! Nice, deep lows; great, growly mids; clear highs…a genuine, full-spectrum sound.The neck, shoulder and back pain I usually experience as a result of playing has all but disappeared. My hands are a work in progress, but the Specht bass is easier to play than any other I’ve had.My hat is off to Oliver, I’d highly recommend him to anyone considering a custom bass or guitar. In fact, I already have.

Dave Bridges