.From Michael Sokyrka

Heya Oliver,

I can’t believe I was actually considering selling the Guild.  Wholly mackerel brother – the guitar fricken rocks now!  You da bomb!  It’s the first time ever (even before the unfortunate mishap) that it stays in tune and the intonation is now wonderful.

Open chords, bar chords, up and down the neck, even with a capo on it sings and feels and sounds so awesome!  It’s now so inspiring.  Thank you so much!…

Sincerely, Michael

From Jon Ochsendorf

The guitar is now more amazing than anticipated. It has wonderful tone and resonance all the way up the neck and for such an elegant, lady like design, it has the bark of a much bigger guitar. Your workmanship is excellent, and design is very much your own; you can be as proud of this guitar as I am to own it. All the best with future efforts. Just sign me another happy Specht Guitar owner.


From Dave Bridges

This is the second bass I’ve bought from Oliver Specht; the first being a beautiful acoustic number that I have very much enjoyed.

I’ve played bass for over twenty-five years. Lately, I had been experiencing severe neck and shoulder pain, as well as tendonitis in my wrist and fingers. I asked Oliver to build me a lighter, ergonomically-designed bass guitar to help alleviate some of the pain I felt while playing.

He designed a gorgeous, light, well-balanced bass that is easy to play and easy on the body. Best of all, this guitar sounds better than I could ever have imagined! Nice, deep lows; great, growly mids; clear highs…a genuine, full-spectrum sound.

The neck, shoulder and back pain I usually experience as a result of playing has all but disappeared. My hands are a work in progress, but the Specht bass is easier to play than any other I’ve had.

My hat is off to Oliver, I’d highly recommend him to anyone considering a custom bass or guitar. In fact, I already have.


 From Brian Hoover

Oliver’s bass is a masterpiece. I’ve been playing basses of all kinds for 35 yrs and I’ve been a professional violinmaker for 20 yrs.

I have never seen such a balance between masterful workmanship and awesome sound. The bass is very easy to play and I think at last I’ve found the perfect instrument.

For recommendations call me at: Village Violinmaker 604-947-9887

From Grant McRae

I purchased one of Oliver’s very 1st instruments he ever built aprox. 8 years ago. It was a custom acoustic fretless base, 4 string. Beautiful instrument made out of Yew wood sides & back, Spruce top, Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, & Ebony binding. Even back when he 1st started building instruments I could see a high level of craftsmanship, attention to detail, & a feel for experimenting with different woods to achieve an original, fuller sound. The sound of that bass improves every åyear as the wood ages & matures.
I’ve bought 2 more guitars since then. An electric Baritone guitar made out of Mahogany which has six strings 20 & is open tuned to A.

Absolutely Gorgeous to look at & has a big rock’n sound. It’s worked well for some funky bass lines, big heavy chords, can break out into a solo, or even a country twang. My most recent purchase which you will find pictures of on this site is a custom 5 string electric bass. It’s got a custom oversized body made out of Koa wood, Custom Koa neck shaped to fit my hand & a rosewood fingerboard.
My dream bass, I can’t say enough about it.

It’s got sexy curves, wood grain like I’ve never seen before, & a huge HUGE sound. The combination of the Ultra Jazz 5 pick-ups & the tone of the Koa wood make for a sound like no other. The finish is flawless. I could stare at her for hours. The1st night I got her I didn’t sleep. I kept waking up drooling over her wanting to caress & stare at her. My girlfriend is a little jealous. Now I’ve got my eye on a nylon string acoustic he’s building. Uh oh, I think I’m addicted.

Oliver, thanks for a lifetime of playing enjoyment.