From Andy Warren

Oliver, thank you for the tremendous job on my Sigma steel string. The pick-up installation and refretting are superb. It has rejuvenated my playing. Thank you also for the quick turn-around time. cheers, Andy.

UPDATE: May 1, 2007:
Oliver – the Terz Guitar you’ve built for me is a dream. How do I come up with the adjectives that convey how happy I am with it? It is so playable! Made with such care, such heart, such soul, such style. It is so unique and I’m amazed at how you knew what I needed. I highly recommend you to anyone, and anyone can contact me to discuss:

From Don Mceachern, Saltspring, BC, Canada

I first met Oliver through a mutual friend Greg Esposito. I had been looking for a builder to take on an imagining that had been developing for some time. 

Being a lover of many genres of music, I had first imagined the need for several instruments. Through further explorations I realized the need for a single instrument that would encourage the eclectic expression of the many styles at once. The instrument would definitely be a nylon stringed acoustic of mahogany spruce and ebony.It would have extra scale length to add tension and pluck and allow for a larger top to be sounded.

The neck to be all but full in profile with a radiussed fretboard. The body to be large in the hips and comfortable with a taper from top to bottom and balanced overall. It was suggested the guitar would naturally play jazz with influences of the soulful Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and Cuba in mind. 

With this arduos task I turned to Oliver. He listened well took on the specifics intellectually and the large artistic ideas heartfully and turned his enthusiasm for creative adventure loose. What he did in fact was make this mere idea possible and more. The instrument he crafted encourages the expression of many styles. It is of full and even voice bottom to top and throughout its dynamic range. The tone is already richer than I had imagined and with each playing there comes a new discovery, a new joy and wonder.

Thank you Oliver for the exciting journey.

Repair Job for Steve Tingle:

Hi Oliver,
Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your work!
The guitar is like a completely different instrument now, no buzzing, much easier to play all the way up the neck.
Thanks again for everything, I’ll call ya in 6-8 weeks to arrange the bone nut and saddle!  I’ll make it my X-Mas gift to myself and not buy gifts for anyone I know.  Screw the giving season!

Repair Job for David Essig:


Nanaimo’s musical scene is so fortunate to have stringed-instrument repair person extraordinaire Oliver Specht in its midst. I needed an emergency repair to my hand-built resonator guitar just as I was leaving on tour. Oliver came right to the rescue, fixing the monster cracks in the back and side in record time and for a most reasonable fee. As a bonus, he trouble-shot my electronics and wound up installing a new pickup on the resonator. My guitar sounds great now and survived the tour in fine fashion. Oliver is honest, reliable and efficient – and a heck of a nice guy. I highly recommend him and his shop for all your instrument repairs and rebuilds.

The guitar’s doing great, by the way!



Repair Job for Ron Mollinga:


“When you’re a very demanding player that likes perfection, Oliver is the Luther to see. He makes a point of listening to me and my style of playing so I’m getting exactly what I want. All my 6 basses need to be set up just a little different from one another and this is why I go to Oliver. He looks at details including proper neck relief, string height to match my style of playing, getting perfect intonation, and making sure the pickups are set up properly. Checking the whole bass over for other flaws or potential problems is also very much appreciated. These are all fine details that this dedicated Luther makes a point of doing right . Working with pleasant people like Oliver makes it easy to come back time and time again.”



From Dan Schmuland

I’ve had the pleasure and fortune to find Oliver when I was in desperate need of a guitar craftsman to breathe new life into a couple of my treasured instruments.
Not only did he make them better than new, Oliver did the deed in a timely fashion and an extremely reasonable cost.
While at Oliver’s I was able to test drive a couple of guitars from his line of personally crafted works of art.
The baritone guitar had tone to die for and played like a dream…it’s now on my “most wanted” list.
Thanks for being you Oliver.
I’d recommend you anytime, anywhere, anyhow!
Dan of Guitarra Music

Angus writes:

happyAngus2Dude, here is the divine instrument in my kitchen. . . .  The guitar is wonderful now that it is in tune. My fingers have blisters as I have not played for three years! It is sounding so good. ~ Angus